Fler enn 1000 båter, mange bobiler og hytter fått mer strøm og bedre ferie med Makspower
Markedets beste batterier: 5000 batterier er levert og i drift. Feilraten på batteriet er tilnærmet null
Samme batterikonstruksjon som i Tesla biler. Kun det beste er godt nok.

Makspower Lithiumbatterier tåler seriekobling i 24, 36 og 48 volt i motsetning til de fleste andre Litiumbatterier

Makspower MP alternator was developed especially to replace the Hitachi 80 A and 60 A alternator.

Why did we do this?

We have known the Hitachi alternator for years. It is solid but lazy. Cold, the alternator delivers around 50-60 amps. But it does not take long before it slows down to less than 40 amps or even less.

If you have consumed a couple of hundred Ahrs or amphours, you are in trouble. Topping up your batteries with the Hitachi 80 or 60 is a hopeless task.

It takes days, if possible at all.

Alternatives to Hitachi 80 alternator?
There are some.
You can buy powerful and famous brand alternators with external voltage regulator that promises very high output.
Often you will have to reduce poweroutput a lot in order to avoid overheating and oscillating charging.
Maybe you end up with around 100 amps of charging, if you are lucky.
And you have paid a lot.

Another option
Disassemble the Hitachi 80 alternator and equip it with an external voltage regualator.
This will cost less than a famous brand alternatorpackage.
Your best result will be 70 amps if you are lucky.

On top of that you have lots of wires and connections to maintain.

Makspower MP 100 Alternator upgrade for Hitachi alternator

This alternator is especially developed as a low budget but high performance alternator for Lithiumbatteries.

Most bang for the buck.
The alternator fits right in place for the Hitachi 80 alternator.

After successful testing in 2020 ,
we have installed 25 alternators in 2021 and with good results.

Depending on the size of the batterybank and the resistance i the charging system, Makspower MP 100 alternator delivers from 80 to more than 100 amps.

This is a serious upgrade that will shorten charging time to acceptable levels.

Alternator and Heat problems?

Makspower has delivered Lithiumbatteries to more than 1000 boats.

Our experience from real life is that standard alternators have no heatproblems.

Makspower MP 100 alternator has proven to handle high output very well and without any heatissues.


Makspower MP 100 alternator, Hitachi alternator replacement, 3 times faster charging

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    Makspower MP 100 alternator replacement for Hitachi LR 180-03C

    I you want faster charging of your AGM or Lithium batteries, then you should consider Makspower MP 100 alternator.

    Take advantage of your Lithiumbatteries ability to be charged much faster than any lead acid battery.

    Charge  lithiumbatteries two to three times faster in minutes.

    Installation is easy.

    Internal voltageregulator and internal temperature regulation controls the heat.

    Makspower MP 100 alternator has external voltage sense that secures optimum charging of Lithium, AGM or GEL batteries.

    This is the best investment in your boat for faster charging and better holiday at sea.

    Replacing Hitachi 80 A alternator or even 60 A alternator is done in minutes.
    Upgrade to serpentine belt and serpentine pulleys is possible.


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